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Name:Travis Grant Parker-Cleary
Birthdate:Apr 11
Every rock star has groupies, it seems, and Corbyn Bellerose was no different. He more than indulged in his share of romantic rendezvous with groupies along the way, and one of them was twenty-year-old college student, Melissa Parker. Melissa was a hard worker, and incredibly smart, but Corbyn had a seemingly universal appeal that, despite his marriage at the time, drew Melissa to him. It certainly wasn't a prolonged affair -- more of a one-night stand that, in the heat of the moment, took place without birth control involved, something that Melissa kicked herself for repeatedly, because she was way too smart for that, but got caught up in the moment. The midsummer fling quickly turned into a mid-spring due date when Melissa found that she was pregnant.

She was terrified, but though she wasn't religious herself, a strong Catholic upbringing made it very hard for her to reconcile the thought of having an abortion, so she decided to carry the baby to term. It was her best friend, Grant Cleary, who stood beside her through the pregnancy, and by the time Travis was born, the pair had fallen in love. There had never been a romantic spark between them before -- they had always been teased that they were like brother and sister. But the hard circumstances had tugged on parts of their hearts that they hadn't known existed before, and they had fallen in love.

The pair never married, but they welcomed baby Travis, named for Melissa's grandfather, into the world together, and even put Grant's name on his birth certificate as the father, but the truth was, Travis looked very much like his biological father, something that his mother and stepdad tried to explain away for a long time for the boy's sake. For most kids, it would be kids at school who picked on them or made their lives difficult because they were different, but Travis never really had a problem fitting in at school. It was among those he considered his family that he was treated as an outcast. Grant and Melissa were loving and supportive parents, but Grant's mother was a cold bitch who never accepted Travis as her grandson, and made horrible comments about Melissa behind her back, even when she finished college with a baby in tow and got a good job as a salesperson for a company that sold educational products in schools. She and Grant worked incredibly hard, and Travis never went without having his needs met, though they weren't the kinds of parents to give their son anything he wanted. But Grant's mother would forever consider him a spoiled brat by virtue of his biological father's blood, and made sure that his mother and everyone else knew how she felt, too.

It was when Travis was eleven that he finally found out the truth. Grant and Melissa had tried for years to have a baby together and give Travis a younger sibling, but they were unable to. For a long time, they just kept trying, but by the time Travis was in middle school, they decided it was time to have some testing done to find out why they weren't able to get pregnant. The tests revealed that Grant was entirely infertile, and couldn't father children at all, a fact that Grant's mother very purposefully let slip out loud in front of him. Travis had always been a smart kid, and he put two and two together, immediately coming to his parents and asking them how he was born if his dad couldn't make babies. The two of them explained everything to him, letting him know that the fact that he wasn't biologically Grant's son had never made a difference in how much he was loved, and it never would.

Travis always wanted to know what his biological father was like, but he never really let himself think about it much, because Grant had always been a true father to him, and Travis never wanted to hurt him or have him feel that it wasn't appreciated. But he secretly always wondered about the other side of his biological family -- especially when he heard that his father had two other kids. Travis had wanted to be a big brother for years, and had been so sad when his mom never ended up pregnant again. It was a secret dream of his to meet his younger sister and brother.

It was Grant himself who finally sat Travis down, years down the road as a grown man, and told him it was okay if he wanted to go and find the man who fathered him, and that he would take no offense to it. He knew that Travis adored him and considered him his father, but he didn't want his son not to have the chance to know his biological dad, either. Having finished college and become a social worker for sick kids at Komansky Children's Hospital on the Upper East Side, he decided it was time to start the process of finding him and contacting him.

When he finally did get in touch with Corbyn, much further down the track, he was told to come to Vermont to meet him for the first time. Corbyn was never one of those asshole types, especially not since becoming a father and dealing with the plethora of problems his son had faced. Travis met him a time or two, and was hopeful about meeting his siblings, but when he met Corbyn's daughter, Candy, he decided he was all good on that, and had no desire to connect further with his half-siblings, especially after what Candy had said about her brother.

But that all changed when he saw the news story stating that Ajay was taken into the ER at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City after being shot. It tugged at something inside Travis and he finally decided it was more than time to meet his little brother.
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